10. October 2023
Abbey had her termite methane reserach highlighted on the Australian Wildlife Conservancy webpage, check it out here!

20. July 2023
The Zanne Lab is coming back to Miami - Baptiste has moved to continue working on his postdoc with the lab and Amy is back from sabbatical in Brazil!

7. April 2023
Abbey successfully completed her proposal defense - congrats!

22. September 2022
A huge congratulations to Amy for coordinating and publishing a global wood decomposition study recently published in Science. There’s lots of buzz about this paper, so check out other summaries and interviews in this popular science article and this podcast. Not to mention, the study is featured on the cover of Science!

22. August 2022
This semester the Zanne Lab welcomes two new members to the team - Baptiste Wijas (postdoc) and Yuri Silva de Souza (PhD student). We’re excited to have such wonderful additions to our growing team here in Miami!

6. May 2022
Becca successfully defended her Doctoral Thesis, titled ‘Australian Termite Diversity’, and is now Dr. Clement! Thank you for all of your termite enthusiasm over the past 5 years, we can’t wait to see where science takes you next.

5. May 2022
Marc successfully defended his Masters Thesis, titled ‘Carbon in the Capitol’! The lab is so proud of Marc for all he has worked on in the past few years. Way to go!

8. April 2022
Check out this new paper from the Zanne Lab in PLOS Sustainability and Transformation on the hidden value of trees!

4. April 2022
A huge congratulations to Leona for being selected as a NSF GRFP recipient! Leona will be continuing on in her scientific career at Stanford University where she is starting her Ph.D. next fall. We are so proud of you, Leona!

5. March 2022
Amy gave a talk about Global Biodiversity in a Changing Climate as a keynote speaker at the CLEO Annual Climate Symposium. The talk was wonderful and inspiring, and stay posted for a link to the recording.

24. February 2022
Amy and Abbey presented at the Fairchild Botanic Garden Environmental Careers Day and spoke with students about careers in science!

2. February 2022
Congratulations to Abbey for passing her qualifying exam!

28. January 2022
Amy was recently featured in News at the U in an article titled ‘Researcher tackles the role of tree decay in climate change’! Check out the article here.

19. October 2021
We are recruiting for graduate student and postdoc positions in the Zanne Lab at the University of Miami. Please check out our postdoc listing here and join us in the UM Department of Biology!

2. October 2021
A big congratulations to Nora for winning Best Undergraduate Poster at this year’s Harlan Poster Presentation. Her poster, titled ‘Biodiversity in our Canopies: Modeling Global Distributions of Epiphytes’ was a hit!

1. October 2021
Check out two new papers from the lab: AusTraits, a curated plant trait database for the Australian flora (in Scientific Data) and The evolutionary assembly of forest communities along environmental gradients: recent diversification or sorting of pre-adapted clades? (in New Phytologist)

7. September 2021
Come join our lab at University of Miami - we are now recruiting at all levels to grow our lab here in Coral Gables. Check out our Vacancies tab for more information!

15. August 2021
The Zanne Lab has officially moved to Florida! Now, you can find us in the Cox Science Building at the University of Miami.

2. July 2021
Marc gave an awesome talk for the Smithsonian Gardens reporting on his ‘Carbon in the Capitol’ project. The presentation, titled ‘The Techno-Ecosphere: Using novel techonologies to understand carbon emissions and ecosystem function’ can be found recorded and ready to view here!

23. April 2021
Hot off the press: check out Becca’s new paper here!

14. April 2021
A big round of applause goes to Rose for recieving the GW Undergraduate Research Award! This summer Rose will be using the award to investigate deadwood lignin content, solar radiation, and sea level rise at the Virginia Coastal Reserve.

29. March 2021
Congratulations to Becca on the acceptance of her manuscript, Assessing the Australian termite diversity anomaly: how habitat and rainfall affect termite assemblages, to Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution!

17. February 2021
Becca took 3 minutes to summarize her dissertation for the 3-Minute-Thesis competition. Check out her video here and be sure to vote her in for the People’s Choice Award!

01. February 2021
Becca recently started an internship working with the USGS National Climate Adaptation Science Center looking at how insects shift ranges in response to climate change.

27. January 2021
Abbey was named a Cosmos Scholar and recieved funding for her research proposal titled: If a tree rots in the forest: Linking deadwood decay to greenhouse gas emissions.

26. January 2021
Welcome to the Zanne Lab website revamp!